Why Do We Do Fundraising?

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Why Does “Solutions” Do Fundraising?

There are some people that say we “CHARGE for our Help”—We do NOT charge to help anyone that needs help with their Benefits questions, concerns or issues!

We are a Non-Profit Incorporation (IRS—501-C-5)—Our Legal Name is GE Retiree Benefit Solutions Inc. (GERBS).  We have an EIN with IRS, and are Incorporated in the State of Kansas.

As an Organized Non-Profit, we offer Many Services to our Members.  We are a “grassroots” Organization that relies ONLY on it Members to help us cover our Expenseswe do NOT get financial on a regular basis from any other organization. 

So, What are those Services (Expenses)?

  • Data/Research/Surveys—SurveyMonkey Tool
  • Website Statistical Tool—Website Statistics—StatCounter Tool
  • Communications:
    • ZOOM Conferencing Tool;
    • MailPoet—Email Distribution Tool
    • ChaPort—Customer Service/Member Portal
  • Formal Website Expense—GoDaddy Website Hosting Provider
  • Legal Fees—IRS, Kansas, Lawyer
  • IRS Tax Reporting—Accountant Fee
  • Travel Expense (limited right now due to COVID)
    • GE Shareowners Meeting—in the Spring
    • Retiree Townhall Meeting with GE—in the Fall
    • One-on-One Meetings with Different GE Locations (limited due to COVID)
  • Board Liability Insurance
  • Office Supplies Costs
  • Marketing Expense—Reaching Out to Prospective Retirees/Dependents; Retiree Chapters/Groups

What we offer FREE to Our “Solutions” Members:

  • NEW Comprehensive, Enhanced GROUP Health Care Plan, with RX—with a Premier Post-65 Healthcare Provider—Benistar.
  • Continued Communications—Newsletters, Webinars/Events, Live Chats, General Membership Meetings, Emails, Videos, and we use our Websites—Facebook & “Solutions,” to Post Important Topics/Issues to You.
  • Benefits Advocacy—Offer Help/Support with your Benefits Question, Coincerns and/or Issues—with GE Global Benefits & VIA Benefits; we are recognized by GE Global Benefits & Corporate HR to provide this service;
  • Other Benefit Plans—“Solutions” has endorsed Prescription, Dental, Vision, & and we have a FREE TravNow Benefit for you;
  • We will Continue to be Your Voice at the GE Annual Shareowners Meetings (Spring) and at our National Meeting of Retiree Representatives & GE Global Benefits & Corporate HR (Fall)

How Are We Doing with Our 2021 Fundraising Drive?

  • Again, it is very important to know we rely on Member Donations as Our Main Source of income/revenue;  we have a few Retiree Groups that give us a Donation.  Other than that, we accept NO other outside Support!
  • To understand how we are doing, it is important to know some facts (numbers) about our Membership
  • We have 2500 Solutions Facebook Group Members;  about 1500 have shown they are “active” lately.
  • We have 681 Formal Website Members—Registered Members;  we would like to see all of our ACTIVE Facebook Group Members “Register” at our Formal Website.
  • Of the 2500 Facebook Group Members, and the 681 that Registered on our Formal Website—ONLY 98 have given donations so far for 2021.  We had a high of 250 Members give a Donation back in 2017;  we have dropped off considerably!
  • We have set our Tentative Budget for 2021 at $12,000;  with a Fundraising GOAL of $15,000 (we always need a carry-over/reserve for the following year’s expenses/costs);  this year—due to cutting Expense costs in 2020, we were fortunate enough to have a $7,500 Carry-Over.  We have raised $4129.34 so far (2/24/21), for 2021.  We are doing good, but still way below the Donations we need to cover our expenses (2021), and to have a carry-over/prudent reserve for 2022.
  • We can and should do much better—we are asking the remaining 1402 Active Members of our Facebook Group to come on board, and Help Us, so we can CONTINUE to Help You!
  • We want to EMPHASIZE that NO Retiree or Dependent will ever be refused Membership Benefits if they can NOT give a Donation!!  Ever!!
  • But we do ask that all of our Active Facebook Members, at the minimum, Please REGISTER at our Formal Website.
  • And we ask, IF YOU CAN, give us a small Donation– $24.00/Year—that is less than $0.46 per week, less than a cup of coffee per week; to help us cover our Costs/Expenses.
  • If you can give more—GREAT!  We have 11 Gold Members—at $120.00/Year;  20 Silver Level Members—at $60.00/Year; and most at the Bronze Level Membership of giving—at $24.00/Year.
  • We are now in our 5th Year as a Non-Profit Organization, and we are extremely THANKFUL for your participation, support, and the generous donations of our Members.  Right now, we are gearing up to hopefully grow our Membership considerably!  We know there are roughly 60,000 GE retirees/dependents “out there” online;  we are going to do a Comprehensive Marketing Plan to reach out to those Retirees/Dependents Online! JOIN US TODAY!
  • PLEASE Join Us TodayGet Registered, and If you can…Give us a Donation…Thank You!  Go here, and Register todayhttps://geretireesolutions.org/log-in/ (scroll down the page to the Registration Form).  Remember—REGISTRATION is FREE!

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71 Year Old GE Retiree. I live in Dunedin Florida. I am single and I have 2 children--Shelley (NY) & Scott (Virginia), and I have 2 grandchildren-- Evan & Derek (Virginia). I am the President of GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, since 2016.

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