Solution Leadership Team Meeting –9/30/2021

The Agenda, Minutes, Financial Report & Video — for the September 30, 2021 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting—

In Attendance– John Phelps, Connie Vick, Bob Dayhuff, Betsy Ervin, Rodney Ira, Brian Demo, Stanley Rice, Ed Stone

Agenda for September 30, 2021 Solutions Team Meeting– Agenda-for-9-30-21-Leadership-Team-Meeting

Minutes for the September 30, 2021 Meeting––  Minutes–8-26-21–Solutions Leadership Team Meeting (Coming)

Solutions Financial Report–for August 2021— Financial Report–August-2021  (This is a Downloadable File)

Anthem/Benistar Rate Comparison Chart (PDF)— Anthem Rate Comparison to Individual Market Chart–8-26-21

Anthem Group MAPD Finalized Benefits & Rates PDF– Anthem Finalized Benefits & Rates

Leadership Team Meeting Dates-2021– Always the 2nd Thursday of the Month– Jan. 21th, Feb. 11th, Mar. 11th, Apr. 8th, May 13th (Canceled), Jun. 10thJul. 8th, Aug. 12th, Sept. 9th, Oct. 28th–Anthem/Bernistar, Nov. 11th, Dec. 9th.

Video Recording of the 9/30/2021 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–

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71 Year Old GE Retiree. I live in Dunedin Florida. I am single and I have 2 children--Shelley (NY) & Scott (Virginia), and I have 2 grandchildren-- Evan & Derek (Virginia). I am the President of GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, since 2016.

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