Problems Logging In–With Your Login Username and/or Password at Our New Website


As we transitioned to the New Website–; we transferred ALL the Users/Members from our Old Website– to our New Website– ; It seems that, on the Transfer of Users/Members, it changed your Passwords. If you are having issues at the Login page–GO HERE to change your Password, and/or to Update your Profile (make sure your email, and other information, are correct)–

If your continue to have issues with Your Login, or changing you PasswordContact John PhelpsPresident, at  jphelps@geretireesolutions.orggive me your Full Name, Email, your Current Username (if you know it?), Phone Number (optional); and answer these questions– Were you Salaried or Hourly; Which GE Location or Plant were you at; and Are you are Retiree, Dependent, Family Member, or Active GE Employee? Once I have that information, I will Fix your Profile, and Email you back.

We apologize for Any Inconvenience …as we were trying to save our Members/Users from re-registering at our New Website; by transferring Your Membership from the Old Site to the New Website.


71 Year Old GE Retiree. I live in Dunedin Florida. I am single and I have 2 children--Shelley (NY) & Scott (Virginia), and I have 2 grandchildren-- Evan & Derek (Virginia). I am the President of GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, since 2016.

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