Your “Solutions” Board of Directors has decided it is time to layout the Facts about Donations/Support to our GE Retiree Benefit Solutions Group.  There are misconceptions, and outright fabrications about our Solutions Group, and they need to be dispelled.

First of all, it is NOT mandatory that our Members give us a donationWe would never NOT help any retiree/dependent because they haven’t given us a Donation;  and we never have in the past 6 years of our existence.  We would never deny anyone Membership to our Formal Website— , because they didn’t or couldn’t give us a donation.  We want all retirees/dependents to consider joining us, even if they part of “other’ Retiree Facebook groups, Retiree Chapters, Retiree Organizations, Union Groups, Etc.  This is NOT about the “size of a Group,” it is about Unity of Retirees/Dependents when GE makes changes to our Retiree benefits—Healthcare, Pensions, Life insurance, etc.  There are MANY Retiree Groups that have relationships with other National Retiree/Senior Advocacy Groups;  we support that 100%—our STRENGTH is in our numbers Folks.

So, all we ask isRegister at our Formal Website, Sign-up to our Subscription List, and IF you can, give us a Donation. The ONLY support we get is from our Members, we have no other source of revenue.

So, Let’s Go Over Some Facts:

MEMBERSHIP—We have over 2500 Facebook Members; as best we can tell—about 1500 are active.  Of that number, about 703 have joined (registered) at our Formal Website— that is about 60% of our Facebook Solutions Group (the “active members” of our Group).  We are asking all our Facebook Group Members, and any other Retiree Group Members, to join (RegisterFREE) at our Formal Solutions Website— can and really have to grow, to stay viable—to have a larger, more powerful, and protective voice about our Retiree/Dependent Benefits!  Solutions wants to be your voice to GE;  but we need your backing, your support…to be effective!

DONATIONS:  Of the 2500 on our Facebook Solutions Group, and our 703 Formal Solutions Website, ONLY 129 have given donations, totaling $5399.00 to our 2021 Fundraising Drive;  and here we are in May of 2021.  Our ONLY financial support comes from our Members, we have no other income source;  we are not part of another larger organization that financially supports us.

IF YOU CAN—all we ask-for is the basic donation level, $24.00/Year;  that is less than $0.46/Week.  Think about that—That is much less than a cup of coffee, or a soft drink per week.  Even if 50% of our Membership supported us financially, by giving the basic level of $24.00/Year, it would increase our revenue/income by $8400.00—a tremendous financial help to your Solutions Organization.

At the same time…We have tried to work on, and to offer other revenue streams that benefit our Members—i.e.–TravNow, Rx Help Centers, etc.

COST:  The reality is—we, as a Non-Profit Organization—GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, Inc—have expenses to operate, and so we can offer FREE services to our Members.  We set a minimum amount we need to cover our expenses;  our Tentative Budget, which we prepare each year, was set at a minimum of $13,000.  We have what we call a “Carryover;” a reserve of revenue from the previous year—usually this revenue/income is about $7000.00.  Again, here it is only May of 2021, and we have already used up all the Donations we have received to date;  we are operating in the “RED,”  we are spending down our Reserve/Carryover, at this point.  Obviously that is a concern to us, and hopefully, to all of you.

BENEFITS of VOLUNTARILY Supporting our Fundraising—What do we have to offer? 

GERBS—GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, Inc (“Solutions” is our shortened name) provides, or will soon provide—

  • Advocacy for all our Members regarding their Retiree/Dependent Benefits—Healthcare, Prescription, Pensions, Life Insurance, Etc.  We continue to advocate for the RRA for ALL;  and we continue to advocate for a Pension increase.  We speak on your behalf to GE, VIA—at the Spring & Fall Meetings with GE & VIA;  we speak to GE at the Annual Shareowners Meetings.
  • We provide a Benefits Advocate that has a direct line of communication to GE, on your behalf, regarding your day-to-day benefit questions and concerns.
  • We provide many Communication avenues to our Members regarding your concerns and issues—Newsletters, Webinars, Emails, Solutions Facebook Posts, Posts to our Formal solutions Website, and through ZOOM meetings and communications.
  • We do Data Surveys to do research and present findings about your concerns (we do the research and present the findings);  GE likes data, not just rhetoric, or conjecture.
  • We also provide communications, updates and advocacy regarding your Medicare & Social Security Benefits.
  • We are engaged in 2 major initiatives/concerns right now—1) Providing a Post-65 Group Healthcare alternative to our Members; and 2) Closely watching GE’s Pension Plan De-Risking activities. 
  • Through the Post-65 Group Healthcare offering—we plan to offer our Members an alternate Post-65 Healthcare choice to the present private healthcare market choice GE provides through VIA Benefits.
  • We have become concerned enough about Pension Plan De-Risking, that we have solicited the help and guidance of an Expert Pension Plan De-Risking Attorney on this subject—to closely watch GE’s Pension Plan De-Risking activities.
  • We are always looking for cost-saving “Perks/Programs” to help you save money.

SUMMARY: Bottom Line—GE Retiree Benefit Solutions has been working tirelessly, this past 5 years on your behalf.  We have offered many resolutions or solutions to GE on your behalf;   we have advocated with GE on your behalf.  We will continue to be your Voice when GE tries to “change, revise, amend, terminate” your Retiree/Dependent Benefits.  The reality of our ability to be a Strong, Powerful Voice rests on Your Support;  we need you to get engaged, to be supportive, to participate in all our initiatives/strategies.  We set our Fundraising Drive Goal of $15,000 for 2021 to protect our Reserve/Carryover for the next year.  We have to have income/revenue to start every year, or—plain and simple—or we cease to exist.

We will always work to improve the quality of your Retiree/Dependent benefits & lifestyle.  PLEASE—Join us Today (Register)—It’s FREE!  Go Here to Register & Become a Member—scroll down a little on the page— .

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71 Year Old GE Retiree. I live in Dunedin Florida. I am single and I have 2 children--Shelley (NY) & Scott (Virginia), and I have 2 grandchildren-- Evan & Derek (Virginia). I am the President of GE Retiree Benefit Solutions, since 2016.

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