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This Page will be used for any correspondence from or to our Solutions Benefits Advocate--Brian Demo. The Benefits Advocate will interact with Solutions Group Members over any Benefits issues–VIA issues; life insurance, reimbursement issues, prescriptions, healthcare, pensions, etc. The Benefits Advocate will be your Advocate with any Post-65 Medical Health Plan to help bring any benefit issue to resolution.

Our Solutions Benefits Advocate--Brian Demo can be reached by Email at—  ;   Phone Number is— (620) 660-1072 OR by using the Contact Form below.

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Pension Plan De-Risking Information Webinar–April 7th–11:00 AM (EST) Via Zoom

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VIA Benefit Presentation PDF’s: From 11-5-2020 Meeting with GE & VIA

The following PDF Files are from the 2020 Annual Retiree Town Hall Meeting ; with GE, VIA & Retiree Reps, held on November 5, 2020 2020 VIA Benefits Medicare Presentation–Fall…

How are Medicare benefits changing for 2021?

Key takeaways: The standard Part B premium is $148.50 for 2021 (the increase was limited by a federal spending bill). The Part B deductible is $203 in 2021 (up from $198 in 2020). Part…

Social Security Basic Facts 2020

Please click on the .pdf download below to see up to date facts about Social Security Benefits.

How Much You Will Get From Social Security

Here’s how to estimate your monthly Social Security income in retirement. IT CAN BE DIFFICULT TO predict how much you will receive from Social Security, especially if you are more than a…

GE Important Contact Information on Pensions & Benefits


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Prescription Resources from Benefits Advocate: Endorsed by Your Solutions Group–The website is the quickest way to apply for help for all your prescriptions. The goal is to get all your prescriptions for $60/month. They will ask information such as adjusted gross income, a credit card to be used in the future if you accept their results and or paperwork sent to them to document your application. They saw a need as former Blue Cross Blue Shield workers to help assist acquiring pharmaceuticals at a reasonable cost. They will manage your prescriptions through your physician and ship direct to your home, unless it is required environment. Then it will be shipped to your physician’s office for your pick up. No cost until you accept their results. Your card will be charged monthly. Keep in mind that if you have high income, you may not qualify, but it is adjusted gross income that calculates your eligibility.  You can also Call RX Help Centers at 866-478-9593.

An example: My own diabetes prescription is over $500/month and I acquire for $60/month. Shipped direct to my home and on time. Your physician should be made aware of this change for info only. This is a great application! You can load on your phone and check prices prior to leaving your physician’s office before you leave. If the costs are high you will know immediately. If you don’t have on your phone ask your physician or nurse to check for you. This gives you the opportunity to ask for a different prescription that is affordable. You will be surprised that many pharmacies will be cheaper. The prices are negotiated between the pharmacy and the drug manufacturer. You also have the right to ask the pharmacist for the price without insurance. Some may tell you they can’t do this, but this is not true and pursue to help yourself. There used to be a “gag order” that said pharmacists were not allowed to tell you the price without insurance. That has been reversed and they can now tell you.

“I just had a discussion with a teacher while getting our hair done and she couldn’t believe that she could purchase her prescription for $4 at Walmart and she’s been paying $39 with her insurance.” We also talked about helping her parents, who are on Medicare, with not only goodrx, but also long term with rxhelpcenters.”

Also, ask for samples from your physicians. Drug Reps are always in and out and supplying them with samples. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, ask your pharmacist if they have any coupons. Pharmacies such as Rite Aid, Krogers, Meijers, Publix and others have cost savings for specific drugs also.

Just talking with your friends will help to increase awareness of these savings. Why would you want to pay full price if there are alternatives? 

Benefits Information...

Update on Medicare Part D Donut Hole for 2019 (And GEPAF)–

Click Here to Download–> Medicare Part D Donut Hole–and GEPAF Info

Handout Packet for Retiree/Dependent Meetings 

Click Here to Download–> Packet (Handouts) for Retiree-dependent Meetings


GE Top Instant Answers–from the GE Benefits Site

Why did the name of my dental and/or vision plan change on my pay summary?

Beginning January 1, 2018, new dental and vision plans are available for the salaried employees and retirees. The new plan descriptions are reflected as “GE Dental Plan” and “GE Vision Plan”.
If applicable, these deduction description changes will appear in your 2/1/18 pension pay summary.

Top Instant Answers

Why did the name of my dental and/or vision plan change on my pay summary?

Beginning January 1, 2018, new dental and vision plans are available for the salaried employees and retirees. The new plan descriptions are reflected as “GE Dental Plan” and “GE Vision Plan”.
If applicable, these deduction description changes will appear in your 2/1/18 pension pay summary.

Why did the deduction for my Dependent Life Insurance increase?

As you move into a new age bracket, increased contribution rates will take effect on January 1 of the year in which the change occurs.

Contribution rates for participants enrolled in Dependent Life Insurance – Traditional Choice will see an increase in contributions. Participants were notified via mail in early September 2017. MetLife has determined that this rate increase is necessary to keep pace with the Plan’s increasing liabilities.
If applicable, this increase will appear in your first pay summary with earnings in 2018.

Why does my pay summary reflect a separate working person charge now?

Beginning in 2018, you will see a separate deduction line on your pay summary for your working person contribution. In prior years, the working person contribution was included in your medical contributions deduction.
If applicable, this charge will be broken out in your first pay summary with earnings in 2018.

Where can I view my Pension pay online summary?

You can see your pension payments under My Pay. You will also be able to see your historical GE pay in this one page.

Go to My Pay > I want to… > View my Pay Summaries

Why am I seeing a change to the amount of my paycheck, when nothing different has happened?

Compare your current pay summary to previous ones to see if you have any tax or benefit deduction related changes at My Pay > I want to… > View my Pay Summaries.
If you have further questions, please contact the GE Payroll Center

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If you continue to experience issues, please initiate a chat with the GE Payroll Center for support.

Medicare Assignment versus Medicare Accepted

Assignment means your doctor, provider or supplier agrees (or is required by law) to accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for covered services. Non-participating providers haven’t signed an agreement to accept assignment for all Medicare-covered services, but they can still choose to accept assignment for individual service. These providers are called, “non–participating”. They can charge you more than the Medicare-approved amount, but there’s a limit called “the limiting charge”. The provider can only charge you up to 15%. The limiting charge applies only to certain Medicare-covered services and doesn’t apply to some supplies and durable medical equipment.

6 Tips to Help Save Drug Costs if You Have Medicare